Leave a comment to let us know about your experience at Qualicum Beach Museum. What did you enjoy? What is the significance of maintaining the Museum for our community and area? We will feature some of the comments from time to time. Thank you for your feedback!

6 thoughts on “We Want to Hear From You!

  1. My husband and I visited the QB Museum 31 July after seeing an episode of Canada Over the Edge (Vancouver Island Eastern Coastline) that, to our delight, featured Qualicum Beach; with a discussion by Palaeontologist Graham Beard about all the fossils he found locally and brought to the museum.

    The museum is well organized, with intersting artifacts, wonderful videos of how QB was founded – its first European settlers – and stories about the first luxury hotel that attracted Hollywood stars and Royal celebraties you just have to see for yourself. There was so much to see and learn…. we’ll have to plan several return visits.

  2. Looking for pictures of the Sandbar cafe when it was a busy service station. I think it was a Gulf station. No idea why it closed. Any pictures or information would be helpful

  3. My great Aunt and Uncle, Molly and Jim Johansen (?) had the house that became part of The Captain’s Inn. We visited them in the late 1950s. Do you have any pictures or information on them or their house? Thanks so much, Lynda Pitt-Brooke

  4. The First Nations Display, is very knowledgeable. This display should be left as is, as it does touch very lightly on the culture of the Pentlach People. There has been much research done, to bring this knowledge to the public’s attention. It does let the public have a knowledge of the historic past. This past does share knowledge of how Qualicum came to being where and why it is today. Thank you for having and sharing a portion of our past. I am a member of the Pentlatch Nation and proud to share a portion of our culture. Thank you, Jess Recalma, on a job well done.

  5. My Grandmothers’ cousin was Robert Ivan Knight who founded Qualicum College. He was the Grandson of Robert Knight who founded & edited the Times of India. I have never seen a photo of Robert Ivan & would be interested to know if one survives. I have been doing my family tree for the past 25 years. The family on my paternal grandfather’s side(Marshall) traces the family back to Henry VIII’s eldest sister Margaret & beyond, including the late Queen Mothers’ Lyon family from Glamis. I was pleased to see that the original building has been restored.


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