Social history exhibits:

These social history Dioramas bring alive the experiences reminiscent of daily living in the early 1900’s …

Explore the contents of our early 1900’s Kitchen, which played a central role in the Pioneer home when the vegetable garden sustained the family and almost everything was made from scratch.

For the Pioneers, the General Store played a vital role within the community as it was often the only store in the village, supplying most of the essential products needed for daily life. It was also the social hub as people exchanged news over the pot-bellied stove.

Our vintage toys display reflects a simpler time, when children kept their imaginations busy with crude dolls and simple toy cars. However, some articles show a level of hand-made precision that cannot be found in the modern mass-produced toy. These kinds of fun and games will entertain young visitors, and perhaps even stir some memories in older visitors.

Qualicum’s first School was built in 1897 after the wagon trail from Nanaimo reached Qualicum and was located at the bottom of Memorial and the Old Island Highway. Our School Exhibit evokes the simplicity of that first single room school, when 1 teacher taught 22 pupils within those humble walls.


No person played a more central role in the early establishment of Qualicum Beach than General Noel Money. An avid sports fisherman, he came to Vancouver Island on a fishing trip in 1913, stayed ten days in Qualicum Beach and then returned from England within months, bringing along his family. He was a key shareholder and the manager of the Qualicum Beach Hotel and Golf Course (completed in 1914), and over the next 27 years, Money played a gracious and congenial host, attracting and entertaining many famous people including every Governor General and even the Prince of Siam.

Also featured upstairs in our social history section is a display on Giuseppe Roat and his Museum of Nature Art – even containing his guestbook written on bark.