“Rosie”, the walrus (Odobenus Rosmarus) is a 60,000 year old Pliestocene Walrus that was discovered 10 km northwest of Qualicum Beach in 1979 by Bill Waterhouse while collecting shellfish. Noticing tusks protruding out the sand, the man tugged on them removing part of the skull. His daughter took the skull to her biology teacher, Mr. Graham Beard, who over the next few weeks returned to excavate the rest of the specimen. “Rosie” is now at the Canadian Museum of Nature in Ottawa where the Pliestocene Walrus has been used in an Ice Age display. The Canadian Museum of Nature has given a resin cast of Rosie’s head back to our museum which is used as an excellent teaching tool because it visually differentiates which bones of the skull were recovered in the excavation and those that were never found. Here is a 3D model of the cast that we have in the museum.